Shudders, the - the shudders

I traded my 2015 Escape for better fuel economy and to have an efficient car to travel in my retirement. Instead I got a 2016 Focus that sounds and performs like an old car! The transmission hesitates while trying to get on interstates, it makes a grinding noise when I take off, and jerks when turning a corner. I am very disappointed in my purchase with this ford. I have owned a pinto, mustang, 2 station wagons, 2 thunderbirds, bronco, pick up truck, 2014 focus, 2015 Escape and now this 2016 focus. Everyone of them except the Bronco were purchased new. But even the used Bronco I bought for my daughter performed well. I want Ford to take this crappy car back and refund the money still owed! I took it to a transmission expert and he said to get rid of it! The transmission are not safe. The service department keeps telling me that Ford will not fix the problem. When I call customer service I get people answering outside the Us.. I thought I was buying a US car!

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Shudders, The - The ShuddersShudders, The - The ShuddersShudders, The - The ShuddersShudders, The - The Shudders