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Romaine and iceberg mix, pepperoni, turkey, ham, mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, fresh basil and green onions with your choice of dressing

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There is more than enough room for luggage and passengers on this bike. It seems there really isn’t much it isn’t capable of! The earlier models in the late 80’s were 650cc’s and then through the 90’s into early 2000’s they came as a 750cc model, I have read many stories of people literally traveling around the world on them. Now with the 1000cc model the possibilities really are endless.

Da Yooper's tourist trap not only contains merchandise, but two museums as well. The first museum is a mineral museum that contains various minerals found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It also has exhibits related to the local mining culture. This museum is found inside of Da Yooper's Tourist Trap. The other museum is an outdoor museum that is more oriented towards humor. It contains such things as a large chainsaw, called Big Gus, a large rifle, called Big Ernie, and Da Two-holer (a very special outhouse). This comical museum has various other displays in which tourists are encouraged to see in order to understand the humor of the Yooper culture.

Second Prize ) Winner will receive two (2) Rothco Sure Paks With Heater courtesy of Camping Survival , a Wise Food Vegetable bucket courtesy of LPC Survival and a Wonder Junior hand grain mill courtesy of Kitchen Kneads . A total prize value of over $509.

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Jackpine Savage - TogetherJackpine Savage - TogetherJackpine Savage - TogetherJackpine Savage - Together